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Arcotierra, the foundations of your project

Welcome to ARCOTIERRA, S.L Estudios Geotécnicos. Our team of technicians carries out the study for each project in coordination with the other departments (GTC, GTL, Administration, etc.) in order to be able to offer competitive quality in our market. We can thus guarantee that the objectives agreed upon with our clients are fulfilled.

Arcotierra is a geotechnical company which specialises in the floor mechanics field. It is accredited in accordance with the new regulations which came into force on 18th of February 2004, regarding the survey fields, sampling and in situ testing for geotechnical surveys (GTC) and, geotechnical testing laboratories (GTL), being the first laboratory in the province of Cadiz and one of the first in Andalusia to obtain these strict accreditations granted by the Autonomous Government of Andalusia (Record no. LE002-Ca-04, Official Gazette of the Autonomous Government of Andalusia no.121 of 22/06/04).

At Arcotierra, S.L trials are carried out for quality control of public construction work; our company is qualified to provide technical assistance for systems and installations in construction and civil engineering work. The company is also qualified to carry out geotechnical studies, draw up geological, geotechnical, pathological, structural and construction reports. Arocotierra, S.L. is a full member of the Association of Accredited Laboratories of Andalusia (ALAA).

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To avoid problems caused by lack of knowledge regarding the behaviour of land, and a high cost due to an unnecessary overestimation (of foundations, retaining structure, provisional or definitive taluses, etc.), even putting safety at risk, a thorough geotechnical study must be undertaken.

Civil Work

Civil work is closely linked to the behaviour of land, by defining beforehand any lithological qualities which may affect the project. Arcotierra boasts the technical equipment and human team necessary to carry out geotechnical studies adapted to each project (surveys, probing, dynamic penetration testing, geophysics, geological-geotechnical cartography).


Arcotierra carries out survey studies for the assessment and environmental control of water and land in potentially polluted installations such as: alpechin and purine pools, service stations, sewage treatment plants, as well as permeability tests.


Arcotierra carries out pathology and rehabilitation reports on special constructions with foundation problems, landslides onto roads, which involve damage such as cracks, fissures, collapsing, etc. We collect as much information as possible on the problem. To check the source of the problem, a survey on the foundations or structures should be carried out as well as a study on the depth of the land.